welcome home


We believe the purpose of art is more than self-gratification or self-expression.  Spiritledartists are concerned with the world around them and uplifting it. The deeper function of art is to inspire, heal, and shape cultures.  Spiritledartists are not only committed to these higher functions but to their artistic community as well.


Who are spiritledartists?

  • United by our love for God and Truth.  

  • Passionate pursuants of both artistic integrity and Matthew 6:10.

  • We understand that despite our accomplishments, cultural shifts won't happen unless we are spiritled.

  • We understand the power of a like-minded community.

  • We acknowledge the power of prayer.   


The following is a comprehensive list of creatives welcome to apply for membership to SLA:


Designers                       Actors                    Models

Photographer                 Composers             Producers

Art Directors                  Musicians               Legal

Screenwriters                 Singers                   Journalists

Content Creators           Choreographers      Line Producers

Copy writers                  Dancers                  Director of Photo.

Branding                        Directors                Makeup Artists

Creative Directors          Editors                   Food designers

Graphic Designers          Set Designers             

Web Desingers               Storyboard Artists

Strategists                      Social Media Gurus

Business Consultants      Stylists