Tanya Muir is a Soul Care Advocate, Writer and Actress. She is the founder of SLA but you can also find her over at templeandtable.co.  

In 2017, she premiered her debut short film Crimson Love at Festival de Cannes and caught the filmmaking bug! When the time is right, she will be releasing a feature. For her film work, check out crimsonlovemovie.com.  Tanya truly believes that Creativity is God's gift to us and our use of it is our gift back to God.





Reid Caresscia is a jack of all trades filmmaker, visual artist and musician. He spends most of his working hours producing promotional and music videos, and shooting and editing short films and documentaries.

Reid is currently writing his own longer-form narrative project which he plans to direct and release in 2019. His goal is to create art that inspires others on a deeper level, touching upon the subtle mysteries of everyday life and championing the power of individuality, courage, and faith. 


IG: reid_carrescia
FB: Reid Carrescia